Fastest Electric Scooter

The super quick UberScoot 1600 Watt in actionThe fastest electric scooter will get you a top speed of 35 to 40 MPH. This particular electric scooter is called the UberScoot 1600. The scooter uses a super powerful 1600 Watt motor, many have recorded speeds over 35 MPH.

So what determines the speed of the scooter? Well it all boils down to two aspects, the battery and the motor. The ultimate principle for a fast electric scooter is power, more battery and motor power equals more speed.

There is a third element to controlling the speed of an electric scooter, this is aptly named the controller (control module). This is a little electric device that passes the power from the battery to the motor.

So, to get an electric scooter that is ultra fast you need a powerful battery and motor. The controller needs to be able to handle the power passed from the battery to the motor, otherwise it will burn out.

There are ways to make your electric scooter even faster, get a more powerful battery, and also a more powerful motor. Of course you will need to improve your controller to avoid burn out.

Battery sizes range from 24, 36 and 48 volts. A motor will range from 100 to 1600 Watts. The higher the battery voltage and motor Watts the faster your electric scooter will go.

Now that’s the technical details out of the way, let’s get down to taking a look at the top ten fastest electric scooters on the market today.

Top 10 Most Powerful Electric Scooters

ModelTop SpeedBattery PowerMotor PowerWeight LimitRatingPrice
UberScoot 1600
UBERSCOOT 1600 48volt Electric Scooter
35-40 MPH48 Volt1600 Watt120kg
265 pounds
18 stone
4 star rating$$$$$
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Chrome Turbo 1200
Chrome Turbo 1200 watt Electric Scooter
30-34 MPH36 Volt1200 Watt158kg
350 pounds
25 stone
3.5 out of 5 star rating$$$$$
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Super Turbo 1000
Super Turbo 1000watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter
26-30 MPH36 Volt1000 Watt136kg
300 pounds
21 stone
4.3 out of 5 Star Rating$$$$
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UberScoot 1000
uberscoot 1000w electric scooter
26-30 MPH36 Volt1000 Watt120kg
265 pounds
18 stone
4 star rating$$$$
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EcoReco M5
EcoReco M5 electric scooter
20 MPH36 Volt250 Watt108kg
240 pounds
17 stone
4.3 out of 5 Star Rating$$$$$$
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Razor EcoSmart Metro
Razor EcoSmart Metro electric scooter
20 MPH36 Volt500 Watt100kg
220 pounds
15 stone
4 star rating$$$
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Fuzion V-1000
Fuzion V 1000 Watt Folding Electric Scooter
20 MPH36 Volt500 Watt100kg
220 pounds
15 stone
4.3 out of 5 Star Rating$$$$$
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IMAX S1 Electric Scooter Lithium Powered 48V
20 MPH48 Volt500 Watt108kg
240 pounds
17 stone
4.3 out of 5 Star Rating$$$$$$
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E-TWOW S2 Booster Scooter
E-TWOW S2 Booster Scooter
18 MPH36 Volt500 Watt109kg
242 pounds
17 stone
5 star rating$$$$$
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Razor E300
Razor E300 electric scooter
15 MPH24 Volt300 Watt100kg
220 pounds
15 stone
4.3 out of 5 Star Rating$$
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When choosing a really fast electric scooter like these it is ultra important to know the laws on riding them in your area. We have all the details listed on our best electric scooter buyers guide. The laws are very different in the UK and USA, in some cases you will require a licence to ride an electric scooter with a powerful motor over 750 Watts. This is why it is important to know how many Watts the motor runs at on your electric scooter.

Top 10 Fastest Electric Scooter Reviews

Now you know how fast these electric scooters are, how about some reviews to know exactly how good they are. No point in buying a really quick moving electric scooter if it is absolutely rubbish. You want the best of both worlds, a really fast electric scooter that comes highly regarded and will not let you down.

UberScoot 1600W Electric Scooter

UBERSCOOT 1600 48volt Electric ScooterThe UberScoot 1600 has the most powerful motor available in the UK and USA today at a whopping 1600 Watts. That powerful motor combined with a huge battery surge at 48 Volts makes it faster than all the rest on the market.

Let’s discuss the other specs to consider if this electric scooter is worth buying. The scooter will hold a charge for 12 Miles, so it is a pretty good commuter scooter too. To charge the scooter up it will take around 8 hours, which is not bad for a scooter of this size.

With a top speed of 40 MPH you are certainly going to burn some rubber, it is recommended for people aged 13 years and older to use, however it might be too powerful for most teenagers to use. Take a look at our kids scooter reviews for scooters more suitable for people aged between 3 and 13 years old to use.

The scooter can carry an 18 stone adult on board, it even has a power boost button to get you up those hills with ease. The scooter uses a twist throttle and has really effective front and rear brakes.

The tires are big at 12 inches, this means it is good for off road use too, why not make use of all that power. The scooter will fold down too, perfect if you need to get it into the trunk of your car.


  • Really fast, great on hills.
  • Handles well in wet conditions.
  • Front and back braking system.
  • Charges up fairly quickly for such a powerful scooter.
  • Comes with front LED light.
  • Rapid acceleration.

  • Slows down considerably on grass.
  • Not a very good suspension, you feel the bumps.
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Chrome Turbo 1200 Watt Electric Scooter

Chrome Turbo 1200 watt Electric ScooterThis 1200 Watt electric scooter tops the speedometer at a whopping 34 MPH. It’s 11 inch tires and solid steel frame ensure a really good smooth ride.

This scooter is chain driven, which may pose a problem if it falls off. With a slightly lower volt battery and smaller watt motor than the UberScoot 1600 it is slightly slower. Even though the UberScoot is more powerful than the Chrome Turbo they both retail at a similar price.

Of course the lighter the rider the faster you will go. For a heavy rider the scooter will be able to reach speeds of around 20 MPH. The scooter gets 16 miles per charge, which is absolutely excellent compared to others on the market.

This scooter does fold down too, which is great if you are short on storage space at home. The scooter takes around 6 hours to fully charge. Many college students use these for whizzing around campus, no excuses for being late to class on this one.


  • Really robust and very well made.
  • Good suspension system – handles bumps well even at speed.
  • Very comfortable ride with wide deck and soft seat.
  • Long ride time and quick charge time.
  • Quiet runner.
  • Easy to fold down and back again.

  • Will only reach 20 MPH for heavier riders.
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Super Turbo 1000 Watt Elite

Super Turbo 1000watt Elite 36v Electric ScooterGoing down the price scale we have the Super Turbo 1000 Watt. The scooter has been known to hit tops speeds of around 30 MPH, it is very powerful for such a cheap scooter.

The scooter will travel 18 miles per charge and features a solid steel frame that folds down easily in seconds. The scooter uses an eco mode, this is where you can reduce the battery power sent to the motor, this will mean your battery will last for longer before it needs to be charged again.

The scooter comes with some nifty little added extras too including an LED headlight, a tool kit and a neat storage bag that can be attached to the seat.

I have to say that for the price it is very impressive. The scooter delivers a performance on the level with much more expensive models. If you are looking for the best value fastest electric scooter, this is it.


  • Cheap price.
  • Very fast – some have registered speeds of 37 MPH with motor tweeks.
  • Great on hills.
  • Charges up quickly.
  • Reliable and really well built.
  • Brakes work really well.

  • It is rather heavy – you would not want to push it a long way.
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UberScoot 1000W Electric Scooter

uberscoot 1000w electric scooterThe UberScoot 1000W is very similar to the Super Turbo Elite. At a bare minimum it will hit speeds of 26 MPH without any effort, the scooter has been known to hit speeds in access of 30 MPH, mostly downhill of course.

The super low price is one of the main reasons you would buy this scooter. Not only is it fast, but it is very well made and sure to last a really long time.

The scooter pretty much comes fully assembled, all you have to do is attach the handlebars and the seat to the supplied pole. This is a little too fast for kids to use, but does make a really good commuter scooter.

The seat is very well padded and very comfortable, the very wide tires ensure you can keep yourself stable when riding it with ease. I know that this one accelerates really quickly from zero to 30 MPH in about 30 to 35 seconds flat.


  • Robust and very well made.
  • Very good suspension system.
  • Comfortable seat.
  • Effective brakes – will slow you down fast.
  • 10 to 15 mile range per full charge.
  • Replacement parts easy to get hold of if required.

  • A little bit heavy.
  • Battery runs down fast on hills with heavy adults on board.
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EcoReco M5 Electric Scooter

EcoReco M5 electric scooterThe EcoReco M5 is top class, this is the perfect commuter scooter, it is so much lighter than the other four electric scooters featured here so far. But, dare I say it, the scooter is pretty much double the price too, but well worth the money.

It’s actually quite amazing that this small scooter can reach a top speed of 20 MPH with such a small motor of just 250 Watts. It does not have the power that the UberScoot 1600 holds, however it is a different kind of scooter, made to be lightweight, fast and easy to manoeuvre.

The scooter folds down in seconds into a tiny compact size, so small it can even fit into a little carry bag. It’s appearance is a little better too, if you want the best looking electric scooter then this is a top option.

Because the scooter has a small motor and a powerful 36 Volt battery it can rack up a whopping 10 Miles per full charge. It can carry adults weighing anything up to 17 stone. This is the best commuter scooter on the market right now.


  • Top rated scooter for commuting.
  • Lightweight and fast for such a small motor.
  • Can be use as a regular kick scooter if needed.
  • Large deck area.
  • Comes with LED display showing speed, battery lift etc.
  • Folds down fast in a few seconds.

  • Not the best at going up hills – slow and steady.
  • Air filled tires need to be kept pumped up.
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Razor EcoSmart Metro

Razor EcoSmart Metro electric scooterWe had to get a Razor electric scooter in on the list somewhere. In actual fact we got 2 Razor models in the top ten. Razor is a popular scooter brand, well known and really well established, you know what you are going to get with these guys.

The Razor EcoSmart Metro shows amazing specs for the price, it is much cheaper than most others on the market right now, yet is good enough to hit the top ten list out performing the more popular Razor E300.

The EcoSmart is a great little scooter for popping to the shops and back, it even has a basket holder at the rear, somewhere to store all your shopping for the quick ride home.

The scooter charges in around 3 hours, this will deliver about 1 hour continuous ride time. The scooter uses large 6 inch wheels and is considered to be the fastest you can get for going across grass and gravel. If you do think that an electric scooter from this brand is for you be sure to check out our super useful Razor electric scooter comparison chart.


  • Handy basket area for carrying stuff.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Good commuter scooter.
  • Well padded really comfortable seat.
  • Wide platform – easy to keep balance.
  • Charges up really quickly.

  • Motor can get hot – it is not enclosed.
  • Does not fold down.
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Fuzion V-1000 Folding Electric Scooter

Fuzion V 1000 Watt Folding Electric ScooterHere we have another top of the range electric scooter, this scooter is on par with the EcoReco M5 producing the same top speed of 20 MPH. The Fuzion V-1000 does have a more powerful motor than the EcoReco, which is useful if you want to tinker with the controller to improve it’s top speed shall we say.

The scooter will travel 15 miles per full charge and takes just 4 hours to fully charge up again. The scooter can take a max weight of 16 stone and uses 8 inch rubber tires. Why is rubber so good? They are not air filled, no punctures and no having to top up your air all the time.

One of the big positives with this scooter is the fact that it has a very impressive suspension system, this combined with the very soft rubber tires ensures a very bump free smooth ride.

This is one of the lightest and easily the fastest electric scooter you are going to ever come across. It’s not the cheapest, however it is highly regarded for the money.


  • Really quick for the size.
  • Very smooth ride.
  • Easy to fold down.
  • Disc brakes are very effective.
  • Soft rubber tires.
  • Long battery life.

  • Acceleration is a little slow compared to others.
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IMAX S1 Electric Commuter Scooter

IMAX S1 Electric Scooter Lithium Powered 48VThis super cool looking electric commuter scooter has a top speed of 20 MPH, however it is not cheap. When you see it you can certainly see why it is a top of the range scooter, it just looks so much more expensive than the really fast models; UberScoot 1600 and the Chrome Turbo 1200.

The scooter can do around 20 miles on a full charge using a 48 Volt battery on a small power motor of just 500 Watts. It has a weight limit of 17 stone, so can carry large adults on there without losing any speed.

The top end premium electric commuter scooters like this one come with an LED display, it lets you know how fast you are going and how much charge you have remaining. These stats are super handy to have available, if these scooters can do over 20 and 30 MPH you need to know how fast you are going so that you do not break any speed limits.

The scooter is easy to fold down, however many will be put off by the hefty price tag, not if you are in the market for a premium electric scooter. Pitted against other high end scooters like the EcoReco and E-TWOW S2 Booster Scooter this one scores very highly, it out performs the big boys on many aspects.


  • Powerful yet very quiet motor.
  • Folds down with ease in seconds.
  • Height can be adjusted.
  • Really well made – strong and sturdy design.
  • Very comfortable ride.
  • Has variable speed settings.

  • Doesn’t take hills very well – slows down to about 10 MPH.
  • Price might be a little too high.
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E-TWOW S2 Booster Scooter

E-TWOW S2 Booster ScooterThe E-TWOW S2 Booster Scooter comes incredibly high rated, it’s not the fastest or the cheapest, but it is definitely worth taking a look at if you are looking for a fast charging commuter scooter.

The scooter has a top speed of 18 MPH and can actually travel up to 21 miles on a full charge up. Here is the good part, it only take 2 hours to fully charge up, this is the quickest charging electric scooter on the market. Ride time is high, charge time is low, this is amazing.

The scooter can carry fairly heavy adults up to 17 stone, it operates a little different to the others here. You accelerate and brake using a thumb switch, which is rather different.

The E-TWOW S2 also uses airless tires, this is a big bonus, you don’t have to keep checking your tire pressure all the time, because this aspect alone will affect the scooters economical performance.


  • LED light for night time riding.
  • Easy to fold down.
  • Regenerative break to recharge the battery on the move.
  • Adjustable handlebar height.
  • Front and rear shock absorb-er.
  • Cruise control.

  • People might consider it to be a little to expensive.
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Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Razor E300 electric scooterThe Razor E300 is by far the least costly electric scooter you are going to get. It has a top speed of 15 MPH, however on a full charge it only gives a 40 minute ride time. Also, this scooter takes between 12 and 24 hours to fully charge up, which is a little excessive.

The scooter can carry a person that weighs below 15 stone without any reduction in speed, it’s not fold able by nature, however it is possible to fold a Razor electric scooter if you need to.

The tires are 10 inches wide making it rather good off road. The scooter is very well made and has received an amazing amount of positive reviews, you can safely say that these are the most popular electric scooters out there.

If the 15 MPH top speed is not fast enough for you do not fret, I know that there is a way to speed up a Razor electric scooter and make its top speed increase to around 20 to 30 MPH, I will explain how this is done below, it is very easy to do.


  • Wide deck – easy to keep balance.
  • Easy to control.
  • Good for kids and adults to use.
  • Retractable kick stand.
  • Wide tires good on all terrain.
  • Battery charger included.

  • Long charge time.
  • You need to inflate the tires which can be difficult to do.
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How to Increase the Speed of Your Electric Scooter

So the fastest electric scooters are a little outside your price range, no problem. Why not buy a cheap electric scooter like the Razor E300 or even the Razor E200 and increase the speed of it.

Names of all Razor scooter partsThis is how it can be done in a few easy steps:

  1. You are going to require two tools; a screwdriver and an alan key. You are also going to require a paper clip.
  2. Unscrew the foot deck area and remove to reveal the battery and the motor.
  3. Remove the metal bracket that holds the battery in place. Simply remove the screws and lift away.
  4. Disconnect the 4 connectors that connect the control module to the battery.
  5. Now remove the screws that are keeping the control module connected to the scooter.
  6. Now remove the 4 screws that are visible on the control module lid. We need to get inside the control module. Remove the lid from the control module, be careful here, it might be a little tight and will require some force to break the seal, use your screwdriver to help pop the lid.
  7. Remove the lid to reveal the circuit board. Now you need to take your paper clip and place it between the two metal points on the circuit board shown in the diagram here: Add a paper clip to the control module to increase scooter speed
  8. In an ideal world it would be great if you could solder the paper clip onto the circuit board. However this is not required, simply add some tape over the paper clip to hold it in place. You can also use super glue to hold the paper clip in place. Beware, if the paper clip comes lose when you are riding you are going to burn out your circuit boards, it is super important that the paper clip remains in place. You do this at your own risk.
  9. Now put everything back together and give your new super fast electric scooter a try.

All of this is explained in detail in the video below:

Safety Tips When Riding Fast Electric Scooters

Of course it can be dangerous riding a really fast electric scooter, here are a few tips to help keep you safe;

The fastest electric scooter UberScoot 1600 Watt in action

  • Children under 8 should not ride an electric scooter without adult supervision. Always go by the manufacturers recommended age limit.
  • Always wear safety gear including a crash helmet, knee and elbow pads.
  • Make sure you maintain your electric scooter and ensure it is safe to ride before you do so. Make sure all the nuts and bolts are tight and every thing is where it should be.
  • Some of these fast electric scooters can go over the speed limits in certain areas, be sure you stick to them.
  • Be careful when riding fast over uneven terrain like muddy hills, grass and gravel areas. If you are riding in the wet be sure to reduce your speed to adjust to the conditions.
  • Don’t ride too fast where it is possible for you to lose control. Ride within your limits and you will be safe. Just because your scooter has a fast speed does not mean you have to hit it every time you go out for a ride.
  • For more information take a look at the Razor electric scooter safety guide.

Fastest Electric Scooter In Action

Take a look at this crazy dude, he does a whopping 70 KMH (43 MPH) on his electric scooter. Could this be the fastest speed ever recorded on an electric scooter?

Watch the video below, he is going so fast on his electric scooter that he manages to overtake a bus:

Electric scooters with a large battery and motor can go fast, as you can see. Certainly beats taking the bus everywhere, and by the look of this it’s a lot faster too.

Which Scooter Is For You?

If you are simply after the fastest electric scooter and money is not a concern for you then the choice is easy, you will select the UberScoot 1600 Watt.

If you are on a low budget you really only have one option, that would be the Razor E300. If 15 MPH is not fast enough for you then follow the guide to speed it up.

If you are looking for a really fast commuter scooter that is lightweight and folds down with ease you will not want to go with the UberScoot, this is where you have a big selection. The EcoReco M5 is a great commuter option, there are many variables in play, the best for one will not be the best for another person.

Each and every one of these electric scooters have received very good reviews, you can buy anyone in confidence that it will perform well. You need to select one that fits your requirements, all the specs are here to help you do just that.