Looking to buy an electric scooter? Here we have listed all electric scooter models available for sale in the UK and USA. An electric scooter is street legal if it has a motor under 750 watts.

We have done a detailed review on each and every one of these electric scooters, which will help you find the best electric scooter for you or a member of your family.

Our homepage has a useful buying guide, which you might want to take a look at before you read any of our reviews.

We have also made things super easy for you, and done a best electric scooter for adults list based of customer reviews and much research.

Also included, we have done a best electric scooter for kids list. This includes details of which is the best electric scooter for kids of all ages, from 5 years old right up to teenagers.

Razor Electric Scooter Models

Razor e90 Electric Scooter


Speed: 9mph Colours: Orange, Pink, Blue

razor e100 electric scooter 


Speed: 10mph Colours: Red, Sliver, Pink, Black, Blue, Silver

razor e100s electric scooter


Speed: 10mph Colours: Purple

razor e125 electric scooter


Speed: 10mph Colours: Silver

razor e150 electric scooter 


Speed: 10mph Colours: Pink

razor e175 electric scooter 


Speed: 10mph Colours: Pink, Red

razor e200 electric scooter 


Speed: 12mph Colours: Teal, Lime Green

razor e200s electric scooter


Speed: 12mph Colours: Teal

razor rx200 electric scooter


Speed: 12mph Colours: Green

razor e300 electric scooter


Speed: 15mph Colours: Matte Gray, Blue,

razor e300s electric scooter 


Speed: 15mph Colours: Matte Gray, Pink, Blue

razor e325 electric scooter


Speed: 15mph Colours: Black

razor pocket mod electric scooter

Pocket Mod

Speed: 15mph Colours: Violet, Pink, Black, Dark Red, Light Red

Pulse Performance Electric Scooter Models

Pulse Performance GRT-11 Electric Scooter


Speed: 8mph Colours: Royal Blue

Pulse Performance Reverb Electric Scooter 


Speed: 10mph Colours: Electric Green, Pawn, Plum Purple

Pulse Performance Lightning Electric Scooter


Speed: 10mph Colours: Pink

Pulse Performance Ghostrider Electric Scooter


Speed: 13mph Colours: Blue

Pulse Performance Sonic Electric Scooter


Speed: 13mph Colours: Dark Gray

Pulse Performance Sonic XL Electric Scooter

Sonic XL

Speed: 13mph Colours: Black

Pulse Performance Super B Electric Scooter

Super B

Speed: 13mph Colours: Purple

Pulse Performance Super C Electric Scooter

Super C

Speed: 15mph Colours: Black

UberScoot Electric Scooter Models

uberscoot 100w electric scooter


Speed: 10mph Colours: Blue

uberscoot 300w electric scooter


Speed: 13mph Colours: Blue, Pink

uberscoot 500w electric scooter


Speed: 22mph Colours: Black

uberscoot 800w electric scooter


Speed: 24mph Colours: Black

uberscoot 1000w electric scooter


Speed: 26mph Colours: Black

uberscoot 1600w electric scooter


Speed: 30mph + Colours: Black

X treme Electric Scooter Models

X Treme X-370 electric scooter


Speed: 21mph Colours: Pink, Black, Blue, Burgundy

X Treme X-650 electric scooter


Speed: 23mph Colours: Black, Blue, Red

EcoReco Electric Scooter Models

EcoReco M3 electric scooter

M3 E-Scooter

Speed: 20mph Colours: Black, Red/Black

EcoReco M5 electric scooter 

M5 E-Scooter

Speed: 20mph Colours: Black, Red/Black

E-twow Electric Scooter Models

E-TWOW s2 eco electric scooter

S2 Eco

Speed: 16mph Colours: Black, White, Green

E-twow s2 master electric scooter 

S2 Master

Speed: 17mph Colours: Black, White, Green

E-twow s2 booster electric scooter

S2 Booster

Speed: 18mph Colours: Black, White, Green

Before you purchase an electric scooter, it is worth noting what replacement parts are readily available for the model you like the look of. All the Razor electric scooter models have a wide range of replacement parts available. Remember, electric scooters will need their battery replacing after a few years.

We have also put together an electric scooter top speeds list, and deal with whether or not you need a driving licence to drive a scooter of certain speeds. You can also purchase an electric scooter with seat for easy laid back riding.

Best Electric Scooter For Adults

best electric scooter for adults


Best Electric Scooter For Kids & Teenagers


best electric scooter for kids teenagers

Take a look here for a glimpse of the fastest electric scooter available to buy in the UK and USA today.